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Oakdale - Wellbeing at Work

Insight Healthcare is a leading provider of employee wellbeing services with over 15 years of experience in providing high quality programmes to over one million people. We offer flexible and innovative solutions that deliver excellent value for money.

Our Oakdale Wellbeing at Work programmes provide confidential support to individuals in dealing with a range of work-related or personal issues. Our Management Advisory service offers managers valuable resources to support staff and colleagues, as well as promoting their own mental health and wellbeing. Our legal and financial advisory service gives access to advice and information on a broad spectrum of legal and finance-related matters. 

We deliver quality services with excellent clinical outcomes and regularly seek feedback from our service users. We can proudly say that over 90% of our service users are very satisfied with Oakdale Wellbeing at Work and would recommend us to their colleagues. Most people feel that our services have helped them to cope better with their situation and improve their performance at work. 

We are passionate about making a real impact on employee wellbeing and offer meaningful and valued support to staff as well as comprehensive management information for the organisation. We promote the service together with our clients to ensure it is well used throughout the lifetime of the contract.

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