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It’s World Mental Health Day!

Today is World Mental Health Day! This year’s theme is ‘mental health in the workplace’. Work can be fulfilling and satisfying, but it can also make us feel stressed or low. We have chosen to highlight the Five Ways to…

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Our 2016/17 annual review

We are pleased to present our 2016/17 Concern Group Annual Review. We are proud of what has been achieved this year and we hope you find the review an interesting and informative read. Download: Concern Group Annual Review 2016/17 (PDF, 2MB)

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Exercise for Wellbeing!

Throughout August, we’re looking at how exercise can support not just our physical health, but our mental health too. As well as helping to keep us fit and healthy, taking part in regular physical exercise can have a positive impact…

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It’s Mental Health Awareness Week!

At Concern Group we are celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week (8-14 May)! This year’s theme is ‘Surviving or thriving?’ This is something we think a lot about across the Group, as our mission is to improve the mental health and…

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World Health Day

World Health Day 2017 Friday 7th April 2017 is World Health Day, an event is organised by the World Health Organisation which focuses on the importance of our health. The theme of this year’s event is ‘Depression: Let’s Talk’ – focusing…

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Self-care at Christmas

What is self-care? Self-care involves taking actions to look after your physical or mental health. It becomes particularly important to maintain good self-care around busy times like the festive period, when our lives can sometimes become hectic or feel unmanageable. It can…

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National Stress Awareness Day: 2nd November 2016

Wednesday 2nd November is National Stress Awareness Day. What is stress? Experiencing ‘stress’ usually refers to having a negative response to a challenging situation or to demands being placed upon us. Stress impacts us all differently – some excel under pressure, whilst…

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World Mental Health Day

Happy World Mental Health Day! The theme for this year’s World Mental Health Day is psychological first aid for all. Psychological first aid (PFA) describes a humane, supportive response to someone who is suffering and may…

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Celebrating 30 years of Concern Group

This is a very special year for us, as it marks the 30th anniversary of Concern Group! On Friday we celebrated the Group’s achievements at the Hilton Newcastle Gateshead, with a ceremony which included the presentation of our Employee Awards. Speakers included…

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