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Self-image/body issues Talking Therapies

Self-image/body issues

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Some of the common symptoms of self-image/body issues

Have you been feeling?

  • low
  • upset
  • tearful
  • sad
  • irritable
  • embarrassed
  • vulnerable
  • nervous
  • tense

Have you had thoughts like?

  • ‘How can anyone like me when I look like this’
  • ‘Things will never change’
  • ‘I hate this part of me’
  • ‘I don’t look normal’
  • ‘Everybody is looking at me’
  • ‘I look ridiculous’
  • ‘I do not fit in’

Have you noticed?

  • you are constantly checking how you look
  • you are always worried about how you look or what others will think
  • you have been avoiding going out or social situations
  • an increase or decrease in appetite
  • you are spending more time alone
  • you have stopped doing the things you enjoy
  • you are comparing how you look with others

Possible causes of self-image/body issues

  • negative thinking – sometimes you may start to think negatively due to an event or situation, and this can then become a habit and part of your general outlook; you may not even be aware of how negatively you were thinking or how this is impacting on you
  • biological factors – research has reported that a possible cause for self-image/body issues could be linked to changes in the balance of some chemicals in the brain
  • low self-esteem/confidence – if you have a negative or poor opinion of yourself you may feel more anxious and vulnerable about the way you look
  • stressful life events – these can be unwelcome or traumatic, such as being bullied at work, getting divorced, or being attacked/abused
  • previous mental health difficulties – such as anxiety, depression, eating difficulties or obsessive compulsiveness may make you more susceptible to developing self-image/body issues

How common is self-image/body issues?

  • self-image/body issues affect 5% of the population
  • it more commonly starts in the teenage years

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